Your Mom’s Life Was Completely Different Than Yours At 25


This past week my mom came in town to visit and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. You don’t realize how much you miss the presence of your parents until they are sitting on your couch binge watching Jane the Virgin with you and making chicken parmesan for dinner. Just a few days before she arrived I watched a cute video of a 27 year old comparing her life with her mom’s life when she 27. I loved it and wanted the same video for myself with my own mom.

It seemed crazy to me the differences (and actually the similarities) that the two of us have (had) experienced in our 25 years of life. So I thought I’d share those comparisons with you all and would encourage you to have the same conversations with your mothers. I learned so much about my mom and appreciate her even more because of it!

So here are the major differences of the life of a 25-year-old in 1990 and the life of a 25-year-old in 2017.



Mom – At 25 my mom had been married for 3 years and had 2 kids. Little did she know then, at 25, that she was going to end up with 8 kids by the time she was 38!

Me – At 25 I have been married for 2 years and have no kids. Although, I am very similar to my mother in this area. From a very young age both of us knew that we wanted to be moms more than anything else in the world. I can’t wait for that day to arrive especially when I see the look on my mom’s face when she’s with all of her kids.



Mom – My mom graduated from college (where she paid only $5,000 a year and graduated with NO DEBT) with a degree in Biology and Secondary Education. She got a job right out of school but decided to be a stay at home mom after her second baby was born.

Me – I graduated from college (where I paid about $10,000 a year and graduated $48,000 in debt) with a degree in Acting. I got a job right out of school but as a nanny and currently, at the age of 25, I have two jobs, neither of which have to do with acting. But, to quote my mother, “You did have an audition today!” so I can’t really complain can I?



Mom – At the age of 25 my mom did not have a 401K but my dad did through his job so they had started planning for retirement already.

Me – I do not have a 401K but I do have a Roth IRA so I too am already saving for retirement! Go team!



Mom – The only electronics my mom had at the age of 25 was a landline phone, a TV (that they didn’t really watch), and a stereo system. The world of social media did not exist yet. My mom can’t even remember if emails existed yet! She lived in a world with no reality TV, no Facebook, no Instagram, nothing. She misses those days and I have to admit that sometimes I do too.

Me – I on the other had have my cell phone, my laptop, two TVs, Netflix, Amazon Prime, a Facebook account, an Instagram account, a Twitter account, a Linked In profile, and FIVE email addresses (before you ask I have a personal one, a work one, a blog one, a junk emails one, and my old personal one that people still contact me through). And that’s just the basics. I can binge watch a TV show. I can text people at the same time I am on the phone with someone. I can FaceTime my parents. I can upload a video of my day in seconds for people all over the world to see. I can get bullied on the internet by people who I’ve never met in real life. It’s a different world that my 25 year old self is living. Part of me wishes I could have been 25 in 1990 and experience what my mom did. Then again, I would be lying if I said I didn’t love that I have instagram or that I can see the faces of my nephews who live half a country away from me. I guess technology has quite a few pros as well!



Mom – Since they didn’t have a lot of money my parents, at the age of 25, FOR FUN – wait for it – “just played with the kids”. How simply and absolutely adorable is that?!

Me – I on the other hand am getting into moped accidents in Greece. Still awesome. And now I have a scar to show off to my kids when they do eventually come into my life.



Mom – My parents didn’t live in the same state as their parents, but they were only 2 and a half hours away which comforted my mom. Weekend trips were doable and easy. They lived in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 900 sq.ft. house with a basement! All at the age of 25.

Me – I on the other hand said “peace out” and moved across the country, roughly 29 hours away from my parents, which definitely doesn’t comfort me but was a necessary part of my life. I live in a 1 bedroom, 1 bath 450 sq.ft. apartment…all at the age of 25.


As you can see there are many differences between the life of a 25 year old living in 1990 and the live of a 25 year old living in 2017 but what I found out is that my mother and I are more similar than I thought. We both know what we want out of our life and we work hard to achieve those goals. She is supportive of everything I do and I could not have been more blessed to have a mother like her. While our first 25 years on earth may not have been perfect we both navigated our ways through the mess that is life and came out on the other side stronger women because of it.

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